Puppy Foundations:

Setting the foundations is key to a happy & biddable dog. This course will set these foundations, create a strong & positive relationship with your pup & set you on the right course for creating a brilliant dog. 

The course runs for a total of 6 weeks, covering exercises from sit-stay, heel work on & off lead, recall on the whistle, focus on you, settling with distractions, all via clicker training. You will also learn how to read your puppies body language and how to socialise your puppy correctly. The course is £120 in cost, this includes a training kit comprising of a lead, whistle & lanyard, food samples & a clicker. 

All training take place at the training ground. The classes are outdoors so appropriate clothing & footwear are needed. Classes will only be rearranged due to extreme weather conditions.

All puppies need to be fully vaccinated and proof is required at your first lesson with me. Booking forms & check lists will be then issued.

If you are unsure if your puppy would suit a class please get in touch. I may suggest a 1:1 session first to assess your puppy, to determine if he/she is suitable for the class.

Positive, force free methods of training are used, fun & laughter promoted for working & non working gundog breeds- they are all treated equally!